Thursday, August 8

R-Sim 8 Unlock iOS 6.1.3 iPhone 5 / 4S For Any Carrier

After appearing IMEI unlocking we all forgot about popular in the past Sim unlock. We forgot aout Gevey, X-Sim and other Turbo Sims. But we didn't forget about R-Sim 8 to unlock iOS 6.1.3 iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S locked to any carrier.

Attention: This unlock is unofficial so I don't have a responsibility of your further action. As for me I advice you to unlock iPhone iOS 6.1.3 officially which is safe, doesn't void the warranty, confirm by Apple and AT&T.

R-SIM 8 is very easy to use, R-SIM 8 reduces the complex steps of unlocking iPhone 5/4S with it`s Smart-Menu and Compatibility with almost all iPhone providers and all Network SIM cards both 2G/3G/4G 64k, 128 & 256k SIM cards. With the new Smart STK menu Selecting a Carrier to be Unlocked is a Breeze.

1.R-SIM 8 have been updated the smart STK operation method and interface after customers experience, getting the signal with lightning speed.

2.The function is very smart, you can set any carrier as the default carrier, and it will shows the carrier you selected last time.

3.Adding the memory function smart program, when you change another SIM card, it will popup the carrier for you to select, selecting the new carrier or default carrier according to yourself.

4.When you can’t find your carrier code number, you can get the code number from this original carrier sim card.

5. Adding the more clearly carrier code number editing function. When you can’t find the carrier you need in the carrier list, you can input this carrier code number to unlock your phone.

Before using R-SIM 8, please make sure the iPhone have been ACTIVATED with R-SIM8 & Wifi , iPhone 4S also need to use the Nano sim card. If you want to use 2G GSM(CMCC) SIM Cards, the R-SIM cards support all the iOS5-6.1.3, no jailbreak, no patch. Just select the carrier is OK.


For Sprint/Verizon / AU/Softbank CDMA /WCDMA if you want to use 3G 128k SIM Cards then install our easy PATCH No Jailbreak Needed, Connect your iPhone to your PC and Download our PATCH please follow the instructions on this LINK to the next step: R-SIM8 ACTIVATION CODE USER MANUAL for iPhone 5/4S No Jailbreak

Note: Other iPhone 5/4S NOT CDMA iPhone doesn’t need to install this 3G active patch.

Second Step:

1. Please insert the R-SIM 8 and SIM card together in the iPhone, the following menu will be showed. (R-SIM 8 yellow side is back, the blue side is front )


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