Thursday, August 22

How to Unlock iPhone 4S With X-Sim running iOS 6.x.x

The days of SIM interposer unlock are not yet over! X-SIM (not R-Sim Pro)  is the “new boy” in town to unlock iPhone 4S running on iOS 6, and this time they have beaten the Gevey Team.

I must admit that the iPhone unlocking scene wasn’t as exciting as before. The software unlock ‘ultrasn0w’ was the ultimate solution to unlock iPhones, and it constantly giving Apple headaches to patch exploits discovered by hackers every time a new iOS update was released. iPhone 4′s baseband 1.59.00 was the last baseband version exploitable by hackers and ever since then, Apple had pretty much closed all the holes.

That’s how SIM interposer started to flood the markets – a tiny device which you ‘interpose’ together with your SIM card. Gevey was very successful in producing this type of unlock. It was a practical solution and many were able to unlock their iPhones, but as usual it wasn’t too long before Apple started patching all the exploits used by this device.

Enough introduction for the newbies out there – let’s return to the original topic – X-SIM is the new “Gevey SIM” by becoming the first SIM interposer to unlock iPhone 4S running on iOS 6 with baseband 3.0.04.
Some of the features mentioned on their website:
  • Supports all iPhone 4S baseband
  • Real plug-n-play, no dialing of 112, no jailbreaking, no additional software needed
  • No need to trim your SIM card
  • Supports 3G, EDGE and MMS
Well… All the usual stuff. They have just released version 4.08 yesterday which fixed some bugs and added some features. This is a great solution for those with iPhone 4S which can’t be factory unlocked yet. Just FYI, AT&T iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S/5 can now be officially unlocked. We’ve also recently added more worldwide mobile networks that support factory unlocking.

You can expect Apple to find ways to block the X-SIM on the next iOS update – so if you depend on an unlock, never update your iPhone blindly, well, not unless if it’s already factory unlocked.

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