Wednesday, August 14

Download iFaith 1.5.9 and Save iOS 6.1.3 SHSH blobs for Downgrading

If your iPhone is stuck on iOS 6.1.3 and you can't use evasi0n jailbreaking tool it is a problem. But what if you will not like new iOS 7 design and you will want to get back even to iOS 6.1.3.

To perform this you will need only to save SHSH blobs of iSO 6.12.3 using iFaitn 1.5.9. Go on reading what iJailbreak said:
iH8Sn0w’s SHSH blob saving program iFaith has been updated today to version 1.5.9. According to iH8Sn0w’s official blog the tool now supports dumping the iOS 6.1.3 firmware on devices with an A4 chip. This includes the iPhone, iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch 4G. iFaith v1.5.9 also supports the 2nd generation Apple TV on the 5.2.1 firmware.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the tool, iFaith is a unique tool that saves SHSH blobs and APTickets directly from your device. This allows you to save SHSH blobs on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running a firmware version that Apple isn’t signing, something not possible with Tinyumbrella. iFaith also allows you to downgrade your A4 iOS device to a lower firmware version than the one it is currently running.
 iFaith v1.5.6
You can download iFaith v1.5.9 from official site where iH8sn0w gives others hacking programs.

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