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Sn0wbreeze Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 Devices [How To Guide]

Do you have a pre-A4 or A4 iPhone? Have you installed and unlocked iOS 6.1.3 that you don’t want to update to the next firmware yet? Would you like to jailbreak your iPod touch 4G, iPhone 3GS / 4 using Sn0wbreeze tool?

This detailed instruction will lead you through the jailbreaking process. 

You will get a jailbroken fruit gadget on which you could install any third-party application and game, Cydia tweak and hack. You also need to download mobile firmware 6.1.3 and get a 30-pin USB cable. You should use .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 machine in order to launch and run the jailbreaking tool.

Note: This is tethered jailbreak. It works for iOS 6.1.3 only and doesn’t support A5 iDevices [iPhone 4S / 5, iPod touch 5G]. You will have to connect to PC and use iBooty to boot tethered your gadget whenever it reboots. Also you can use Ultrasn0w unlock for your iPhone which you can get from Cydia

Step 1. Open Sn0wbreeze on your PC. You will see an arrow of blue color at the bottom right corner. Press on it.

Note: You can get Sn0wbreeze 2.9.14 from here.

Step 2. Choose option called Browser for an IPSW to point to iOS 6.1.3 system.

Step 3. Press on Next and choose Simple Mode from the available options.

Step 4. Users who have a factory unlocked handset or use their official supported mobile operator should press “No” on the question whether they wish to activate their smartphone. Users who want to unlock fruit smartphone using third-party programs should press “Yes” to continue.

Step 5. Wait till the jailbreaking tool creates your custom iOS firmware file and adds it to your desktop to hack your device with custom firmware.

Step 6. Follow the on-screen guide to put your iPhone into Pwned DFU mode.

Step 7. Now open iTunes.

Step 8. Let the program verify your handset being in Recovery Mode.

Step 9. Press left SHIFT on your keyboard and choose to Restore. Point to the custom iOS file located on desktop in Step 5.

Step 10. Wait till the gadget restores and boots.

Step 11. You will now see Cydia on your home screen. There will be also iBooty folder created on the desktop. Use it to boot your iPhone into being jailbroken when you need it. You’ll have to open iBooty, choose your model, press Start and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

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